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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Extremely Rare And Beautiful Stones Comes home with Wirelicious Jewellery

Bella was so excited.
I went on an Amazing Spending Spree, find out why below. This is One of my Thicker Pieces of Blue John Stone ready to be cut and shaped into Jewellery.

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Treek Cavern At Castleton, Derbyshire

This is the amazing site that greeted me in Treek Cavern,the Rare and Precious Blue John Stone.
Strangely only a small part of the stone is blue, the colours range from yellow,
brown red,orange,purple and green and mixtures of colours.

There is known to be over 14 different Veins of stone which have picked up colourful names such as Millers vein,Bull Beef,Old Dining Room and Odin vein.
Blue John Stone comes in veins roughly 3 inches thick and is extremely hard to work with due to its very soft Crystalized nature and is still worked in the first tr
aditional lapidary style.

Mining started here 250 years ago,there are Three mines but now its resources are running low.
The Treek Cliff mine is now owned by a Trust for viewing (in my opinion the best one to view) and no longer mined for Jewellery made for the public.
Speedwell Cavern still has resources found by sifting deep down in the old miners spoil heaps.
The Blue John mine where most of the stone has been made into Jewellery,Urns and bowls. Below are fine examples made from mined stone years ago.
These pieces cost an absolute fortune and are in a Stately Home.

The right hand photo is of cut slices of Blue John.

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