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Sunday, 19 June 2022

Design and Imagination

A lesson in design whether you follow the high street fashions or want something out of the ordinary, you only have to look at this couples wondrous designs to see your imagination is the key.
The winners of the much coveted Jewellery Designer of the Year award - Yunus and Eliza - really stand out for their jewels inspired by classic mythology. One has a background in figurative sculpture while the other studied restoration.

Visit there website and Gallery
Yunus-Eliza Sculptural Jewellery

Which Sculpture do you like best?
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Thursday, 29 September 2011

(Amendmen to blog to ) You Can Show Some Love Today


Bead and Sparkly Things Addicts

Looking at all the beautiful Designs in the Bead Soup Blog Party Challenge.
I realized just how many
B.S.T.A Addicts there must be out there.
I am sure that many of you have drooled lovingly over others Beads and Sparkles, Accessories, the list just goes on an as we all know.

So without hesitation I decided maybe foolishly why not have a List and Photos of where we can FIND these Beautiful Beads and Sparkly Bits and Pieces.

If you have ever said “ WOW” “Where Did They Get Those”

You Can Show some Love Today

Put a Photo On My Blog

Show us where you found those Beautiful Beads

Sparklys and Accessories
Don't forget to include your Blog URL

Then Watch The Love Come Back
New friends to your blog
(you might even get some free beads)

Take a look at all those Beautiful Beads, Sparklys & Accessories
See all the beautiful things out there and the Jewellery they made

A Big Thank You to Lori Anderson
Who made all this possible
The Hostess, Lori Anderson
and her partner, Manuela WutschkeLink

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bead Soup Party Necklace, Autumn Angel 2 in 1 Necklace

A real statement 2 in 1 Autumn Fairy -- My Bead Soup party Necklace

Unfortunately I had to wait weeks and weeks for my beautiful beads fr
om Gillygembeads and then weeks and weeks when it finally got to me,none of the Gillys fault I have to add.

In my parcel, the Angel was already made that gilly sent me,I had lovely Semi precious Stone chips,the 4 flower connectors the Gold plated hearts and some tiny seed beads, you can see these on the loop of the angel.

I decided to hand wire wrap with gold wire that I had aged, I added 24K Gold plated beads and finally I loosely wrappe
d with pure Copper entwined with 24K Gold plated beads.
I hung the fairy on the heart which I aged, with a small copper Key ring attachment, so she can be removed, if you wanted to wear the necklace part on its own.

This has mixed Semi precious stone chips,again I hand wire wrapped gold wire and aged it.
Then as before I loosely wrapped Pure Copper entwined with the lovely 24K gold beads
I made a Pure copper hook and lightly hammered it and added the tiny gold plated heart,

I loved making her, The Autumn Fairy is a real statement piece and of course she can be easily removed to leave the Necklace on it's own.
I hope you like what I have made Gilly, thank you I had great fun making her.

If you want to enter the next Bead soup blog party click the button on the right of my blog.

You can come along to my new wire Wrapped jewellery making club too Create Learn Play & Earn, I run competitions,Freebies as well as lots of fun please join at this link.

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