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Monday, 19 September 2011

Tutorial Part Two, Wire Wrapped Pendant

This is what your finished Wire Wrapped Bezel pendant will look like.
I have done a coiled Bail on mine, yours will be a plain wrapped bail
On this picture I have deliberately left out the Flat Spacer Bead cap at the top of the Bezel frame, this shows you the gap that will be left if you do not include it.
The Spacer Bead cap helps to make the bezel a completed Circle, making it much tidier.

You will also notice that the bead at the bottom is not quite central, this is because it is
Handmade it is not enough to ruin the design.
Always check that your bead is not too much off centre, it can sa
ve a lot of problems later on.
In case you missed the 1st part of this tutorial here is the link

Part Two
Wire Wrapping the Bezel Frame
It is always a good idea to take a piece of 20 Gauge wire and practice Wire Wrapping first.

As I have no means yet to video this , here is a link of the Lisa Niven Kelly wire wrapping tutorial, one of the best.

Top Tip,
Dont use more than 2ft of wire at a time, as it will end up getting knotted up.

Now flush cut 2ft of 28 Gauge wire, and at the shoulder of the bezel frame, this is where the 20 gauge wires meet at the central bead hole, wrap around one of the 20 gauge wires tightly 4 times to secure,carry on wrapping like this all the way around to the opposite side of the bezel frame next to the bead hole on the other side.

When you start to run out of wire, wrap the last few wraps tightly then flush cut as close to the wrapping as possible, then using your chain nose pliers press your wire around until no sharp ends are poking out.
Start again as before with your new piece of 28 gauge wire.

I tape my bezel as I go to keep it up against the bead as shown here.
On the two thinner wires coming out of the bead hole slip on a Flat Spacer Cap bead.

Now you are going to be making y
our Bail loop for the chain to go thru.

Make sure all your wires are flat against each other for the next stage.
With the rest of the 28 Gauge wire carry on wrapping as before up the four wires, when you have about 6 wraps left to go wrap a couple more times tightly, then flush cut the 28 gauge wire as close as you can to the wrapping and with your chain nose Pliers press the end around till no sharp points are left.
You should now have about 1/4 of an inch which is un wrapped.

Making the loop for the Bail.

To make a good even bail you are going to need to loop the bail shank you have just finished wrapping over something round, a thick sharpie pen or or you can use pliers as in the photo

Gently using your thumb push the wire wrapped shank over the pliers until the ends reach 3/4 of the way down at the back of the wrapped shank,then take your Chain nose pliers and grasp the unwrapped ends of the wire wrap this around the shank about 3 times as neatly as possible, trim off any ends, with your chain nose pliers flush cut any remaining wire and press them in until there are no sharp ends.
If your loop bail has become a little mishappen ,use your round nose pliers to straighten the Bail.

You have now finished your 1st Wire wrapped Bezel frame Pendant.If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section of the blog.

Post your finished Pendant on my blog and you could Win this Set of Pliers
Pendant with the most Votes Wins.
Make sure you get all your friends to vote for you.

Next Tutorial is this lovely Pendant that I been asked to do.

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