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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Are Customs loosing you Customers


In this age of Internet Shopping do you know how many customers you are loosing thru customs charges and Post Office Fees.

After paying extortionate Custom fees and on more than one occasion and a Post Office charge of £14.00, for small packets/parcels I have decided to post this to you all.

If you are posting anything to the United Kingdom, Please read this ,it will save you,
1) Money
2) Loosing Customers after their first Order.
Customers buying off you in the first place
4) Your goods being returned to you.

5) For customers the hassle that goes with the having to ring the
Sorting Office, Paying the Fee,Paying the Post Office Fee,
and Finally getting it Delivered thru a Delivery Service and having to wait in all day and they don't turn up.

I guess after all this they wont be Ordering again.
Would You ?

Of course all company's have to put a Disclaimer about your Customs Charges.
Please pass this link to others.
Thank you ,

My Disclaimer in no way am I inferring that you should not state anything but the proper contents and Value of your Packet/Package, this link is for information only.


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