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Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Xmas Competition

Happy Christmas and New Year
To All My customers Fans and Guests

Xmas wrapped at last.
  Surrounding me strips of wrapping paper, bows, ribbons  and the inevitable pieces of sellotape stuck in the most unimaginable places, the scissors that I am sure hid themselves every time I needed them.
The gold and Silver pens you bought to write your tags, well, just don't mention them, i'm sure they will turn up for next xmas!
All finished I celebrate with a glass of wine,"Thank goodness it's done for another year", and then
, yes, you have guessed it the one tag that's fallen off a present.

I have been reliably informed that it is not a pretty sight at 3.00 clock in the morning, to see you with your head stuck under the xmas tree, bottoms up,covered with the last vestiges of the sellotape, glass in hand and cursing.
Especially when the over excited children come rushing down the stairs to see why Santa Clause is making so much noise !.

Well for you all is not lost, if you have a witty or funny story post it at my blog.

        Best  Story chosen Wins one Amethyst  
             One Citrine Polished Semi Precious Stone 

If you would like your stone turned into a Pendant please let me know cost will be 5.00 Each                      

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